P.A.C. Technologies



pac-tech-1.jpgThe PAC Original is 100% microfiber, which results in noticeable benefits on the skin. Our microfiber is much thinner than a comparable garment made of polyester and therefore does not weigh you down. The pleasantly soft feel and the absence of additional non-ecological materials, such as elastane or Lycra, are very important to us, especially in the neck and head area. 


Due to the seamless processing, the PAC Wundertuch can be worn on the entire head in many variants - without leaving pressure points behind. Use under a riding helmet or motorcycle helmet is also possible. Due to a specially developed knitting process, the PAC is highly extensible and does not leak out in anyway.


Due to the thin material, the PAC cloth is very breathable and therefore does not weigh you down, making it a useful accessory for sports and leisure on hot summer days.



The PAC original is thermo-regulated by using a very thin microfiber. Due to our special knitting process in combination with the refined microfiber, the fabric will absorb sweat and moisture and return it directly to the environment. 



With the antibacterial refinement of our cloths we have decided with SILVERPLUS® for one of the world's leading products. Of course, PAC also places great emphasis on the use of environmentally safe materials in this area and thus creates an antibacterial cloth which counteracts odor and germination.


The PAC Original is the perfect companion for all weather conditions. The integrated UV & wind protection protects the neck and head area in all outdoor activities.  



Especially for the hot summer months or warm holiday destinations, the PAC UV Protector + wipes are equipped with extra high UV protection, protecting the neck and head from sun burns.  



It is absolutely necessary to be conspicuous when you’re out on the streets, especially in case of poor visibility. This applies to road traffic as well as while working on the factory grounds. The 3M ™ Scotchlite ™ Reflective material helps you to be visible very quickly at dusk or dawnto prevent serious accidents. It also stands for high quality and perfected end-user benefits. This is guaranteed by the 3M ™ Scotchlite ™ brand and is maintained by constant quality control.



Coolmax is a special power fiber that accelerates the transport of moisture away from the skin and enhances respiratory activity. Thus, a pleasant, cool, and dry climate is generated on the skin with every activity. Thanks to the careful processing of the Coolmax fiber, the product is very easy to maintain and easy to wash in the machine.   


Merinowolle offers a very fine fiber compared to normal wool. Due to the extreme climatic conditions that nature is exposed to, the wool is extremely thermoregulatory and is able to dissipate moisture away from the body. This creates a warming protective layer for the body, even when wet. Unlike normal wool, Merinowolle does not scratch even when wet. Therefore Merino is particularly suitable for direct wearing on the skin. At the same time, Merinowolle can also be used very well in warm summer weather, because the high breathing activity achieves a cooling effect. Merinowolle is currently one of the most popular fibers on the market due to the natural light protection factor, the pleasant wearing comfort, and the fire resistance.   


Primaloft is an insulating material characterized by its low weight and high respiratory activity. At the same time, it has a water-repellent surface. Primaloft enhances every garment product to a high quality accessory with a comfortable grip.It also guarantees dry sportswear and a comfortable carrying feeling even in extreme weather conditions. Due to its anti-peeling effect, the textile is much more robust and acts as a faithful companion for extreme sports.   


Nature has perfected the lightweight construction. So there is a variety of stable and lightweight designs that have inspired our product developers. Cell Tech is a new technology that is reminiscence of honeycomb builders and guarantees a very high stability and additional cushioning for the foot. At the same time, Cell Tech offers an extremely high wearing comfort. This reduces the risk of blister formation and abrasion of the skin, even under extreme load and friction. Thanks to the lightweight design, the sock cools and dries faster, thus guaranteeing an extremely comfortable fit.   


The equipment of textiles with SILVERPLUS® has a unique hygiene and freshness effect and thus ensures antibacterial protection. Furthermore, SILVERPLUS® prevents the spread of bacteria and thus the formation of sweat.   



The SuperFresh technology contributes significantly to the air-conditioning of the body and removes the moisture from the body. The materials used here are selected in such a way that the composition is perfectly supported in the respective application. At the same time, the fiber is extremely elastic and easy to care for so that wearing comfort is maintained for a very long time.    


The ecorepel® technology from Schoeller ensures that textiles repel water and dirt. Ecorepel® offers a modern and clean form of water repellency, since it contains no fluorocarbons (PFC) and is biodegradable (80 - 100% according to OECD 302 B). Ecorepel® complies with the OEKO-TEX® standard 100. In addition, all components of the textile equipment are "bluesign® approved".