About P.A.C.


P.A.C: Multi headwear brand, 100% made in Germany, Over 20 years experience

PAC is one of the few successful medium-sized companies, headquartered in Schweinfurt, Germany. PAC's goal is high quality products at a fair price to produce and deliver it to their customers.


Reliability and passion - an impossible contrast

PAC creates experience and reliability combined with passion and innovation. 

With over 20 years of experience in the field of multifunctional fabrics, PAC has introduced PAC Original Multifunctional Cloth  and has attached great importance to the use of the highest quality materials in combination with the latest technology. We work hard at the knitting machines to meet our own quality requirements. 



The PAC Original | Made in Germany - not just a lip confession

Made in Germany is not just lip service, but a labor of love for us: the PAC Original multifunctional scarves are manufactured in Germany, even though today is generated virtually no clothing more in Germany. Whereas Germany used to belong to one of the most important textiles suppliers in the world, its importance since the beginning of the 1960s was greatly diminished by the strong competition from Far East - driven by the prevailing cheap wages.



PAC - fair products at fair prices

However, we wanted to put a stop to this unspeakable "trend" from the outset. We are convinced that high-quality work with attention to detail - and thus also the product - should be rewarded fairly. In addition comes the realization of our primary business objectives sustainability and quality for us just a multifunctional cloth production, which is locates in Germany, in question. This is the only way to ensure the outstanding quality of our PAC multifunctional fabrics - unlike unknown production sites in the Far East - without exploiting man or nature.

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PAC quality assurance

It is particularly important to us to avoid harmful substances as our products are worn directly on the body as a first layer. German production and the avoidance of unnecessary transport routes also protect our environment. As security for us and our customers, we have not only the final product, but in fact all 9 complex production steps Oeko-Tex®certified. All of our textiles are checked regularly by independent institutes for harmful substances to ensure that our products are not only good but also very skin-friendly. Our firm belief in "Made in Germany" does not listen to our PAC Original Multifunctional cloths on, the packaging creation and of course our company headquarters with graphics creation, service department, and modern warehouse and distribution center are of course in Germany.