Mission Statement is

To provide new and innovative fitness accessories promoting active, safe and healthy lifestyles for every level of athlete.


Let us guide you 

Endurance Elite is a company started by a group of people who simply love being outside, doing whatever activity it is we fell in love with. We set out to provide better solutions for those embracing outdoor activities, whether they are extreme outdoorsmen, or just beginning to take the first steps.

We believe that whether you’re enjoying your weekend routine with your loved ones or out there doing extreme sports, loving outdoor activities and pushing yourself to the limit will not only make you feel better, but also improve the quality of your life.

As active outdoor players involved in different activities such as running, cycling, swimming, etc., we realized the importance of endurance, and wanted to share our experiences and knowledge with other people. This is why we established Endurance Elite, and we would love to motivate and help others become an "endurance elite athlete".

There are many companies out there supplying products you need for outdoor activities, but sometimes you need a place where the products are crafted for an individual and focused on a specific need.

This is where you will find Endurance Elite to be different from other companies. We strive to search and go great lengths to bring you those little-known products that will improve various activities or simply make things easier. We’re always aiming to provide you with products that will leave you thinking 'I wish I had found this earlier'.



 Jacob is our Director of Sales and Merchandise, as well as an EE ambassador. He has also been a Corrective Exercise Specialist for over 10 years now, and it is one of his numerous passions.s-profile-jacob.jpg

Jacob is from the mountains of Brevard, NC, also known as the "Cycling Mecca of the South." Naturally he grew up loving to ride his mountain bike, camping, and running in the woods. His further passions progressed competitively not only in biking but also swimming, running and ultimately leading to triathlons. His journeys in life have been lead by many passions, and through those assorted obsessions he has gained an immense amount of experience, knowledge, and hands-on life skills. Skills not only learned in sports, but also by being particular about all the accessories and little gadgets that consist to make the action more efficient and more sports-specific.  jacob@enduranceelite.com 



Simeon is one our EE ambassadors. He is also an Exercise Specialist with a goal to make the world a healthier place one person at a time. He made the choice of taking health into his own hands about 10 years ago. He now works with kids of all ages, and adults aging all the way through their 90's from NYC to LA. Nothing motivates him more than seeing the sick become fit! This is an inspiration he receives on a daily basis and it drives him to continually push himself. s1-profile-simeon.jpg

Simeon signed up for his first triathlon in 2014 and was hooked from the start. In his second year racing he was able find himself at age group nationals for triathlon. At this point he has ran marathons both in the U.S. and Europe. He believes that we all have to start somewhere, whether we are lifelong athletes or walking into the gym for the first time; our potential is only limited to our imagination.  simeon@enduranceelite.com 



Jacquelyn is one of our EE ambassadors. She is also a fitness professional, who has a major passion and drive to improve people's lives. With that responsibility comes hard work and dedication. 

s3-profile-jacquelyn.jpgJacquelyn was born and raised in Orange County, CA. Growing up there she was able to utilize the beach to the mountains and even the desert, so there was always adventure that lay ahead. If you did not find her in one of those places you could find her running on a treadmill at the gym. Her love for fitness and sports has always been a part of her. After sports came to an end, she wanted to further pursue her passion for an active lifestyle in a professional manner. Becoming a fitness professional taught her not only the amazing benefits of working out and learning about the human body, but how to motivate and change people's lives.  jacquelyn@enduranceelite.com 





Josh is one of our EE ambassadors. He is also a fitness professional, who has a major passion for the great outdoors. Josh was born in the heart of California, which is filled with all kinds of adventures. "My love for the outdoors began in my first Cub Scout camping trip." He recalls being with his Dad and admiring the smell of trees in the crisp morning air, along with the companionship. s-profile-josh.jpg

The awe he felt for nature in that moment was unbounded, and changed his life forever. Josh is now an avid backpacker, marathon runner, and triathlete. His passion in life is pushing the limits for himself as well as motivating others to lead a more active and healthy lifestyle.