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Product Info
  • The Hawk is a harness-style wearable that's so lightweight you barely notice it, while it brings you wearable audio through two integrated speakers and a seamless Bluetooth connection, so you can stay safe and cord-free while walking, running, biking, and beyond. Listen to music, audiobooks and more, without closing off your ears to your surroundings or overheating from having them covered up. It even offers built-in LEDs at the back for added safety while out at night, or in remote areas.
  • One size (Upper Chest 34" ~ 44" recommended)
  • Small and Large size available in Black and Camo



  • Audio player : play & pause music / volume up & down / change tracks / 2.0 watt stereo speakers
  • Call answering
  • The more visible, the safer : LED indicator (turn signals / emergency lights), reflectors  
  • 5 Colors available : black, green orange, red, camo
Technical Details

AUDIO controller

  • Battery : 3.7 V Li-Polymer, 500mA rechargeable
  • Speaker : 2.0Watt x 2 (Stereo)
  • Bluetooth : V4.1
  • Running time : 5~6 hours, generally
  • Easy bluetooth pairing : turn on audio controller / select "EW90XXX" for pairing / that's it

LED controller

  • Battery : 3.7 V Li-Polymer, 500mA rechargeable
  • 2.4G Wireless RF with one to one connection
  • Running time : 8~10 hours with continuous use

Remote controller

  • Battery : 3.0V coin battery
  • Running time : switching signal more than 5000 times


Ambassadors Opinion
    • With this harness I get my music without all the hassle of headphones. Once I strap it on I almost forget it's even there!  ... by Josh
    • With Bluetooth wireless speaker technology and LED flashers on the posterior side of the harness which allows freedom, safety, and comfort in one unit. ... by Jacob
    • The most unique product I've ever run with! ... by Simeon
    • It is extremely light weight and I forget that I'm even wearing it. ... by Jacquelyn

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Reviews (3)

Norman Suguitan Feb 4th 2018

Wearable speaker system

I love to listen to online learning audio while I run. I have tried headphones, bluetooth headphone but easily the wearable speaker beats them all. The clarity of the sound, the ease of usage, battery life, the coolness, is easily top notch. Unlike headphones, you are still fully aware of your surroundings - especially in running, paying attention to cars, to your environment is very important.

Luis Apr 26th 2017

Function you can't beat!

I've had my hawk for a few weeks now and I am really enjoying it. I've gone from using various JBL speakers to clip on my bag or store in my back jersey pocket. Having something dangling from your bag was a huge pain and a speaker in the back pocket doesn't really give you the best sound quality now does it? The Hawk has really changed the game for me with my training rides and commutes. I honestly don't feel like I'm wearing it and it doesn't get in the way of more normal movements while riding. The bluetooth signal strength is solid with no issues in losing connectivity in higher populated areas or rural areas for that matter. The speakers are right where they need to be offering you some solid music right to your ears without having to crank the speakers up to 11. Highly recommend to any cyclist or runner looking to keep their ears free and keep them safe and sound from the surrounding traffic. Just get one already! lol

Additional Info

Additional Info

Usually ships in 24 hours

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