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Product Info
  • Hawk (harness style) - The new way to enjoy music during your daily activities without being exposed to certain risks


  • Audio player : play & pause music / volume up & down / change tracks / 2.0 watt stereo speakers
  • Call answering
  • The more visible, the safer : LED indicator (turn signals / emergency lights), reflectors  
  • 4 Colors available : black, green orange, red
Technical Details

AUDIO controller

  • Battery : 3.7 V Li-Polymer, 500mA rechargeable
  • Speaker : 2.0Watt x 2 (Stereo)
  • Bluetooth : V4.1
  • Running time : 5~6 hours, generally
  • Easy bluetooth pairing : turn on audio controller / select "EW90XXX" for pairing / that's it

LED controller

  • Battery : 3.7 V Li-Polymer, 500mA rechargeable
  • 2.4G Wireless RF with one to one connection
  • Running time : 8~10 hours with continuous use

Remote controller

  • Battery : 3.0V coin battery
  • Running time : switching signal more than 5000 times


Ambassadors Opinion
    • With this harness I get my music without all the hassle of headphones. Once I strap it on I almost forget it's even there!  ... by Josh
    • With Bluetooth wireless speaker technology and LED flashers on the posterior side of the harness which allows freedom, safety, and comfort in one unit. ... by Jacob
    • The most unique product I've ever run with! ... by Simeon
    • It is extremely light weight and I forget that I'm even wearing it. ... by Jacquelyn

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Reviews (1)

simeon gilmer Jun 27th 2017

Run Free

What a cool product! I've run up to 20 miles comfortably wearing the hawk without chafing or bouncing. The sound quality is great and i can hear the street sounds around me. I feel very safe and confident running anytime day or night!

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Additional Info

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