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Product Info
  • Coolet Compression Sleeves for the arm
  • 99% UV protection and cooling ability
  • Must have item for outdoor activities such as running, biking, golfing, basketball, football, tennis, etc 
  • Made in Korea
Technical Details
    • Keep your muscles compressed and warmed up for faster recovery and better blood circulation
    • Great forearm and elbow protection to minimize injury!
    • High performance fabric
    • Keeps you cool in hot environments, keeps you warm in cold environments
    • The skin tight sleeves spread the moisture over a greater surface area, allowing for more evaporation
    • UV Protection of UPF50+ (highest ranking) so your arms will not sunburn
    • Never need to wear sunscreen again!
  • AQUA-X. Anti-Odor & Anti-Itch Material
    • Wicks away moisture to keep you dry
    • Flat lock stitch reduce chafing and rashes
    • One Size fits most for men and women
    • Elastic Aqua X Fabric (84% Nylon, 14% Polyurethan, 2% Polyester) will stretch enough to cover arms, calves, and more 

Reviews (2)

Zach Jul 8th 2017

Cant get cooler than this

This bad boy is beast!! Im a backpacker so I'm used to the weather up in Arizona. Miles of heat man. Totally out of proportion. God gave me x-ray vision because this treasure is dead near impossible to find on the web!!! So underrated. Your sweat about to vaporize with N-rit fabric on your wrist man!!

Simeon Jun 20th 2017

Actually keeps you cooler!

I was skeptical when I first saw this product. After trying I was very impressed! By keeping moisture aka sweat in the sleeves you bodies natural ability to cool it self is not lost due to evaporation. And with the added UV protection I highly recommend for anyone working out on a hot day!

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Additional Info

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