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  • The beauty of our compression calf sleeves is three-fold. First, they offer many of the same feel-good features as our over-the-calf socks, like true graduated compression, moisture control and muscle support. Second, you get to mix-and-match them with different socks for all your different activities. And third, we think you'll agree, they just look great.
  • STAY ENERGIZED : True graduated compression of mmHg 22-26 (Millimeter of Mercury, unit for pressure) for the right pressure in the right spots. Increase your blood flow to reduce inflammation and muscle fatigue.
  • RECOVER FASTER : Healthy blood flow helps repair broken down soft tissue quicker which shortens your recovery time so you can feel great for the day ahead.
  • SUPPORT WHERE YOU NEED IT MOST : Our calf-sleeves are made of 92% Nylon and 8% Lycra Spandex which are the foundation for their ability to wick away sweat to keep you dry.
  • FIRST CLASS EXPERIENCE : We design and manufacture all our styles locally in the USA to ensure 100% quality control, on time shipping and attention to detail so every pair meets your standards.
  • GREAT ALTERNATIVE TO FULL COMPRESSION SOCKS : Already found your favorite sock? No problem! You can wear our calf sleeves with every sock and still enjoy the benefits of full graduated compression.
  • Weight : 1.6 oz
  • Made in US
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  • Reap the Benefits of Compression in a Flexible Style!
    • Whether you’re going for a jog or getting ready for a long day at work, the PRO Compression Calf Sleeve is an ideal alternative to a traditional compression sock.
    • It's a great choice for : Anyone on Their Feet for Long Periods of Time / Runners / Tennis Players / Golfers
    • Pair with any of your favorite low-profile socks for full flexibility!
  • Win Against the Day with Graduated Compression.
    • What's great about the calf sleeve is that it's easy to slip on, yet gives you the full benefits of compression : Increase Your Circulation / Stabilize Every Stride / Prevent Fatigue, Cramping & Soreness
    • Compression, if you don't know already, is incredible for your health and wellness. Haven't experienced how it can revolutionize your day yet? Give this style a try.
  • Comfort is Our Top Priority!
    • When it comes to getting through a long run or a long day, it all comes down to comfort. Are you feeling good when you've reached the finish line?
    • PRO Compression's technology ensures that through advanced contouring design and graduated compression from your ankle to the top of your calf.
    • Friction-Free Feel, Moisture-Wicking Elastic Blend, Non-Slip Fitted Cuff
  • It's all in the threads : Our proprietary blend of materials provides all-over moisture control, while our advanced construction supports your critical muscles. All of our calf sleeves are proudly made in the U.S.A.

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