Why EE-Hawk

The most unique product I've ever run with! I've been using the harness for the past couple months and I never want to go back to a traditional headphone. The sound quality is great and being able to hear my music as well as my surrounding is much safer. 

I never felt comfortable running a lot at night but with the built-in lights I feel very confident running in the street after dark. The harness itself actually helps bring my shoulders back and chest out putting me in ideal running form. The perfect accessory for this marathoner.      by Simeon   

I personally love running with the harness type on the trails in Fullerton. I'm able to listen to my music and not have the fear of having ear phones in my ear and not being able to hear the world around me. It is extremely light weight and I forget that I'm even wearing it. 

I love the features for controlling the volume and changing the song. It's so simple. I feel more protected as well knowing that the lights behind me are flashing just in case of a car or anything else that can harm me. Unfortunately I do have to carry my phone because I don't have the belt but I think pairing the two together would be perfect.      by Jacquelyn   

This product is absolutely wonderful. I have spent so much time running with headphones that I am constantly readjusting due to sweat and the jolting of my body with each step. With this harness I get my music without all the hassle of headphones. Once I strap it on I almost forget it's even there!

The sound quality is fantastic, it doesn't interfere with my heart rate monitor, it doesn't chafe, the battery life is remarkable, the Bluetooth connection is always very strong, the straps never need readjusting (even on 10 mile runs), and it is incredibly easy to use. Furthermore the lights on the back have made me feel more safe running in the dark than I've ever felt before.

The only thing I did not like about it is there is no place to put my phone/music device on it while running. The good news is I sent that feedback in to the company and they referred me to their phone belt! It's a great product that keeps my phone secure while running. It doesn't bounce around, I can work my phone through the pocket without taking my phone out, and the Bluetooth connect stays as strong as ever.

All in all this product has changed my running for the better, and I would definitely recommend this product to a friend.      by Josh   

The EE-Hawk allows for safety first to be a standard. With Bluetooth wireless speaker technology and LED flashers on the posterior side of the harness which allows freedom, safety, and comfort in one unit. The hawk is very lightweight as well as the design contours to your body nicely, and indeed is very comfortable. 

It comes in various colors, and is hand washable which is convenient. One of my favorite features of the hawk is that it doesn't block out any ambient noises so you can focus on your sports and not have to worry about annoying earbuds that always fall out, and you're more sensible about your surroundings.      by Jacob