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Product Info
  • The Hawk is a harness-style wearable that's so lightweight you barely notice it, while it brings you wearable audio through two integrated speakers and a seamless Bluetooth connection, so you can stay safe and cord-free while walking, running, biking, and beyond. Listen to music, audiobooks and more, without closing off your ears to your surroundings or overheating from having them covered up. It even offers built-in LEDs at the back for added safety while out at night, or in remote areas.



  • Audio player : play & pause music / volume up & down / change tracks / 2.0 watt stereo speakers
  • Call answering
  • The more visible, the safer : LED indicator (turn signals / emergency lights), reflectors  
  • 5 Colors available : black, green orange, red, camo
  • Size : Small/Medium/Large


Technical Details

AUDIO controller

  • Battery : 3.7 V Li-Polymer, 500mA rechargeable
  • Speaker : 2.0Watt x 2 (Stereo)
  • Bluetooth : V4.1
  • Running time : 5~6 hours, generally
  • Easy bluetooth pairing : turn on audio controller / select "EW90XXX" for pairing / that's it

LED controller

  • Battery : 3.7 V Li-Polymer, 500mA rechargeable
  • 2.4G Wireless RF with one to one connection
  • Running time : 8~10 hours with continuous use

Remote controller

  • Battery : 3.0V coin battery
  • Running time : switching signal more than 5000 times


Ambassadors Opinion
    • With this harness I get my music without all the hassle of headphones. Once I strap it on I almost forget it's even there!  ... by Josh
    • With Bluetooth wireless speaker technology and LED flashers on the posterior side of the harness which allows freedom, safety, and comfort in one unit. ... by Jacob
    • The most unique product I've ever run with! ... by Simeon
    • It is extremely light weight and I forget that I'm even wearing it. ... by Jacquelyn

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Reviews (7)

Michael Senoyuit III Jul 21st 2017


ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PRODUCT! The sound is crisp and clear. It is very comfortable to wear and achieves its' purpose of allowing me to hear music without compromising my situational awareness while riding by bicycle. I actually ride faster and longer when I wear it. My PRs have dropped like rocks since I have put it on. I highly recommend this product to my fellow bicyclist without reservation!

Jacquelyn Jun 27th 2017


I absolutely love this product!! I use it all the time for running my dog :) As a female I feel a lot safer being able to hear the sounds around me and not having to use headphones. The speakers are the perfect amount of loudness for you so it's obnoxiously loud for others. One of my favorite features are the LED lights on the back because I know people can see me from a mile away and again it makes me feel safe. The other bonus' are that I don't have to pick up my phone to change my song, it's all on the panel of the hawk. Highly highly recommend this product to everyone!!

Additional Info

Additional Info

Usually ships in 24 hours

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