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Product Info
  • The Condor is a backpack-style wearable that's so lightweight you barely notice it, while it brings you wearable audio through two integrated speakers and a seamless Bluetooth connection, so you can stay safe and cord-free while walking, running, biking, and beyond. Listen to music, audiobooks and more, without closing off your ears to your surroundings or overheating from having them covered up. It even offers built-in LEDs at the back for added safety while out at night, or in remote areas.

    The Condor also features a 2.5L hydration bladder(not included) for storing water while on the trail, an accessory waist pouch for carrying your small essentials, and even a net for safely storing your bike helmet.



  • Audio player : play & pause music / volume up & down / change tracks / 2.0 watt stereo speakers
  • Call answering
  • The more visible, the safer : LED indicator (turn signals / emergency lights), reflectors  
  • Hydration bladder pouch (up to 2.5 liter)
  • Accessory waist pocket
  • Storable helmet net
  • 2 Colors available : black, red
Technical Details

AUDIO controller

  • Battery : 3.7 V Li-Polymer, 500mA rechargeable
  • Speaker : 2.0Watt x 2 (Stereo)
  • Bluetooth : V4.1
  • Running time : 5~6 hours, generally
  • Easy bluetooth pairing : turn on audio controller / select "EW90XXX" for pairing / that's it

LED controller

  • Battery : 3.7 V Li-Polymer, 500mA rechargeable
  • 2.4G Wireless RF with one to one connection
  • Running time : 8~10 hours with continuous use

Remote controller

  • Battery : 3.0V coin battery
  • Running time : switching signal more than 5000 times


Ambassadors Opinion
  • The Condor is a great commuter pack, and for small adventures.  ... by Jacob
  • The backpack is the perfect size and fits my everyday life in it. ... by Jacquelyn
  • Music, safety lights and hydration all in a compact backpack. The Condor Pack is a must for any rider! ... by Simeon
  • The BOOM backpack is a great tool for any hiker, cyclist, mountain biker, trail runner, or even just the everyday commuter. ... by Josh

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Reviews (4)

Soul Mar 13th 2018

Review of Condor - Snowboarder's Perspective

Sup guys. Just took this bag out riding in the Mount Hood, Oregon area so this review is based on a snowboarder's perspective. The bag is nicely built and just the right size for riding. Small easy access exterior side pockets were great to stash snacks in (I usually carry mini Snickers Bars for the extra boost of energy). I had my mini screwdriver in the top small pocket for binding adjustments on the go. The main bag chamber fit my light fleece (which I used to wrap around my sandwich so it wouldn't get crushed) and my inner liner jacket when it got too hot to wear. Regarding the audio piece, it was very simple to pair. We rode on average of 4 hours each day in 25-30 degree weather and the battery never wore out (I charged it every night after riding). We had a day of mixed precipitation (snow/hail/light rain) and the pack and speakers held up. I'm not sure if I would risk riding with it in moderate/heavy rain as I'm not sure if it's 100% waterproof and don't want to find out the hard way that it isn't (riding in rain is no fun anyway!). There is one minor complaint that I have with the audio, which perhaps only a snowboarder would experience. The buttons seem extra sensitive so sometimes when I get up from strapping in, it would skip to the next track Maybe while getting up I stretched the material over the button enough that it pressed down. Regarding the blinking light piece, while not necessary as a snowboarder, I can definitely see it's use while riding a bike. For the heck of it, I did turn on the blinking lights on the day we had low visibility and my friends said the light pulse was long and steady so they saw them without issue. Usually as a boarder/skier, we ride/ski without lights in low visibility conditions anyway so it isn't necessary. So, that's about it. Hope you enjoyed the review and find it helpful. -Soul

Tony Ramos Jul 15th 2017

Great Day Pack

I have had the Condor backpack for a little over 2 weeks and have used it on at least 4 to 5 occasions. The pack is a perfect size for a Day Hike, Bike Ride, or Run. I have used it to go on a couple of day hikes and it performed great. The Bluetooth audio is simple to use and has great sound. I have even ran with the pack and it stays in place even with a hydration pack. The pack is pretty rugged, well constructed and dusts off easily. It has just enough compartments to store all necessities for a normal day hike. The pack also comes with LED lights which I have not had to use on my hikes but can see the benefit if using the pack riding my bike. My favorite thing about the pack of course is the music capability as I am a fan of music as I am sure most people are and this pack makes listening to music while being active a joy with no earphones or cables getting tangled and pulled. I totally recommend this product to all of my hiking friends and followers. ~ Tony Ramos Jr Avid Hiker/Runner/Athlete

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Additional Info

Usually ships in 24 hours

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